I started creating books and titles many years ago when I realised writing was my outlet for control, anxiety and mental wellbeing. I put this passion into helping create guides and solutions for others… this is just the start of many to come.

A very honest and insightful read that delves into the psychological and physiological battles Jayne has faced, fought and won. The book makes accessible transferable self-help techniques that can otherwise take years of reading to unveil in a personalised and summarised form encouraging the most vital step in anyone’s recovery journey: taking action. I had the fortune of meeting Jayne about a year ago when I was personally lacking some self-belief and her words of encouragement were the spark that drove me to compete in (and win) a challenge she was hosting. She probably doesn’t know until now how pivotal her words were to me in that moment but I hope this book can have the same effect for many others as it’s evident that is her very worthy life mission. Great work Jayne, keep inspiring!

“I was advised during these difficult times mentally to use a wellbeing journal.. this is excellent.