FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is a prevalent part of our day to day lives. If we aren't living in it, we know someone else that may be, and it can sometimes be the thing that controls whether we take the leap or we don't. I came across this topic this morning, as I was listening to Mel Robbins - Take Control of Your Life, and she talks about perfectionist in this part of the audiobook. How perfection, and the fear of not being perfect in our production of something can mean actually we never ever take that leap of faith, because it paralyses us. It sparked something in me that I wanted to write about it so here I am.

Finding My Power

Ever heard of that saying... "tell the negative committee in your head to shut the f up and sit down?" Yessss! As I laugh as I write that - I realise probably most of us have and have had a small chuckle to yourself there.